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We have a strong team of professionals who all work together to define the goal for each individual client and carry it to a successful resolution. We have grown from a team of two to a team of six to meet the growing demands of our Community. We employ only the best assistants, paralegals and attorneys who are intelligent, caring and truly passionate about what we do. Over the years, we have also developed a strong network of connections with other professionals in the field so there are no limits to the expanse of services we can provide on each case.

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Our firm wasn’t built overnight. A strong foundation is mandated for success. That foundation was laid when Natasha Hanna spent years working in the legal profession soaking up the knowledge and developing a love for the practice of law at each stepping stone. From legal secretary to educated paralegal to the steps of USC School of law, Natasha used this knowledge to land a job at Hearn, Brittain & Martin. She worked for and with five of the best lawyers in our State for almost ten years. When that firm closed, Natasha Hanna Law Offices was born. Every year brings greater insight, greater success and more clients whom we have the privilege and honor to represent.

Our Team

Our law office will persistently yet speedily handle throughout your case. While we can’t control the speed of the court’s agenda, we will work to move your case along as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. We offer prepared guidance on the issues that emerge in dissolution activities.

Our Philosopy

You are not a number. You are not just a case. You are our client. You are the reason we open our doors each day and why we love what we do. We care about why you came to us, what problems you face and that we meet your expectations. It is the difference between a good law firm and a great one.

Our Commitment

Each day we enter the doors of our office, we do so with an attitude of service. We are committed to representing and assisting each client from the beginning of the case to the end.

Our Experienced Attorneys

Our attorneys take care of all the legal legwork while you can focus on the more important things in your life. We shoulder the legal burden on your behalf, putting all of our efforts into ensuring you receive the maximum possible compensation for your needs. Additionally, we ensure that we maintain consistent, routine communication so that we are always acting in your best interests.

Our decades of experience, honed our legal process so that we are best prepared for any and all case developments. Our firm’s commitment to professionalism, civility, and open and honest communication allows us to provide our clients with the highest level of professional service.

We will devote our attention to your case, without delay, and prepare documents, filings, and discoveries tailored to your matter. We will keep you apprised of court dates and important deadlines in connection with your case and will be in contact regarding documents that you will need to read, authorize, and execute before we file them with the court.

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