December 27, 2022 |


I filed for social security disability due to health problems. I was turned down after my first filing so I hired Natasha Hanna to appeal it for me. I knew Natasha from when she worked as a Paralegal & I also worked with her husband in a Real Estate Office. She was always very professional, so after she got her law degree & was working for The Law Firm of Hearn, Brittain & Martin I contacted her about my appeal. I believe that I was her first disability case after obtaining her law degree. She was always very professional & kind & she and her office did everything to win my case. I didn’t have to worry anything about it myself, just trust her & her staff to do the work. I went before a judge & was awarded my disability & I have recommended her to other friends of mine for their professional needs. Whatever the circumstances of each of their cases, she has always won the case. So therefore, I would highly recommend her for any circumstances that she is qualified for.